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Компания ООО "СтальПроект"

Murals are commonly used as decorations, to brighten up the otherwise murales pared boring and staid walls. They add shade to the walls and create a delightful environment in the rooms. Murals are used indoors and outdoors and are available in several varieties.

The different types of wall murals embrace painted murals, tile murals and Ceramic murals. Painted murals are these by which the surface of the wall is painted. The idea of the design to be painted on the wall is pre-decided. The designs may be created in clay or on ceramic leaves, earlier than creating the actual murals on the wall. Painted murals are extraordinarily well-liked with children. They find themselves involved in the entire process, right from conceptualization of the theme, to manufacturing and assembling them. Dad and mom also desire painted murals, as they're relieved from the worry that accompanies their kids occupying the ground space.

Tile murals, because the name suggests, are first painted on the tiles and then fixed on the walls. Tile murals have the quality of constructing a cold, dull place look enticing and interesting. Strange rest room tiles can be used for the purpose. The tiles are reduce into pieces relying on the design. They're then painted using englaze enamel. These murals may be huge or small and give an entire new look to the room and even exteriors.

Ceramic murals are made of mosaic, mirror, tiles and ceramic pieces. They are excellent portrayals of inventive and inventive abilities .The ceramic designs are first made with clay and baked in a kiln. These murals are long and are typically inspired by canvasses.

In addition to the above murals, climbing wall and traversing wall are other variations of wall murals. Wall murals lend an exquisite and colorful atmosphere to the interiors and the exteriors of a home.